Project 3

My design is the composition dynamic. I think my design all areas are of the picture plane activated, but I think my design do has a strong directional dominance been established and I need to improve that. My design have the composition utilize the entire picture plane; however, my picture do not has a directional conflict been established. On the other hand ,there are implied lines in my composition, for example, there are a circle,and this has implied lines. There are at least five different values created by my use of line systems.

In addition, i think i do not have focus point in my composition, and have too many black in my design.

project 2

I use the figure/ground relationships evident in my design. And I think each of the black and white shapes compete as positive and negative space. On the other hand, I think my work the composition contain approximately50% black and 50% white shapes. I have accurately created each half of the design so that they are a perfect mirror image of each other, reversing the positive & negative space. I use the Radial Balance, Symmetric Balance and Asymmetric Balance to creat my picture. Like i drawing on the black paper, then I began the cut. My final design been executed in a professional manner. Because designs should utilize the designated materials with care, effort, and attention to detail.

Project 1

In my final Project 1 line, I use more line and shape in my picture. For example, you can see the like on the top and there is a circle on the road, but you do not know what is that. I also you some detail on my picture, like I use the rule to draw my road and line . And i use my 3 x 4 viewfinder was created and used required paper sizes ad pen were used very well. In my picture you can see i have focal point , subject matter ,and negative space in my picture, and I also have the principles of organization such as, you are clear to see there is a woman on the paper.


In my point of view, the design does include a primary focal point. Creat a focal point is very important for our artwork because create a focal point, can grab the audience’s and user’s eyes. We can basic on different color, different shape than other object. There have some rule of third when you design. For example, draw divide on the page in to third so every line thing up so all you do is you third line you make lines. Then, at the decide you page in to thirds so every points at the intersection points where third you make lines and then at the lines crows where you would have points ate the intersection points where a focal point so here and the line cross that’s where you would have. There are elements are used to lead the eye around the entire composition: contrast, isolation, placement, convergence, and the unusual. In addition, the composition successfully utilize repetition of shape and line because the shape include the line. Therefore, when dream a rule of thirds, she should have focal point on a power point. I think I am the successful and unsuccessful aspects of your design is depend on my creat and image. When we have the final design we have to have executed in a professional manner because designs should utilize the designated materials with care, effort, and attention to detail. This includes proper mounting to Bristol Board.


Hi, everyone

My name is siyang yin ,but I prefer to be called Betty

I live in American, white plain now

I usually get to campus by bus. It usually takes me about one hour to get to campus from home.

I am most fluent language is Chinese

Someone I know who has earned a college degree is certificate

Something I’ve done that I’m proud of is I get the first prize in the piano competition

In my free time I enjoy doing painting

Three of my favorite things are sleeping, watching TV, and drawing.

Something I like about college is New York University.

Other courses I’m taking this semester are Drawing , Modern Latin American, and English 101

I do not want to earn a degree at Westchester Community College because I want to transfer another four year University

I chose to enroll in 2D Design because the requriement

Something I’d like to learn in 2D Design is how to composition of a picture

The final grade I’d like to earn in 2D Design is A

I expect to spend about 24 hours per week on homework for 2D Design.

Three adjectives others might use to describe me are: cute, hardworking, and friendly