project 6

I think my paint complete combinations of hues and used to reproduce the color schemes: Monochromatic, Analogous. However, I didint not use the complementary.

And also my paint are all areas of the picture plane painted and the colors mixed and applied with skill, but I think my paint Were not have all the different shades reproduced on the Monochromatic, Analogous and Complementary paintings


Exercise 3 color studies

Hue is the the name give to color.Hue sometimes is thought of as wavelength, position on the electromagnetic spectrum (or on the rainbow) and hues such as magenta (a.k.a. fuschia a.k.a. hot pink) have no corresponding wavelength — to get magenta you have to mix some red from one end of the spectrum with some blue or purple from the other end. Also, while there is a wavelength that appears yellow, you can also get the appearance of yellow by a mixture of red and green light. However the color is we see color as we do, and that there are three dimensions of color, is that we have three types of cone cells in our eyes: red sensitive, green sensitive, and blue sensitive. Therefore some people use the term “hue” interchangeably with “color”, and in that sense, black, white and gray aren’t colors. The tine is the result of mixing result of mixing a color with white. And the analogous Colors that are closely related in hue(s). They are adjacent on a color wheel, such as red, orange and yellow.complementary colors that is lie directly opposite each other on the color wheel. When juxtaposed, complementary colors create contrast, when mixed, complementary colors neutralize each other, creating a variety of browns. Saturation is also called in the US as Intensity and refers to the relative purity of the hue present in a color.

Project 5

I think my portrait occupying the whole area of the composition, but I think I do not have all 9 values from your value scale present , because I have painting problem, life when the color dry, they all look like the same. Second, I believe I have a broad value scale been established ,and my the portrait break each value into a flat plane, but my placement of all shapes and values to maintain the facial proportions is really correct, and I outlining facial features little bit.

Project 4

I have composition non-representational, but also I have the representational . I have composition dynamic, but I do not have not too much composition dynamic.

My design are all areas of the picture plane activated. However I don’t have a strong directional dominance been established, but I have established a directional conflict.

I think there are any implied lines in my composition, but I do not think there are shapes created by the textures promoting interesting figure/ground relationships.

In my design, you can find there are at least 5 different value gradations creating full value range through the use of line systems. In addition, I have focus point.

Project 3

My design is the composition dynamic. I think my design all areas are of the picture plane activated, but I think my design do has a strong directional dominance been established and I need to improve that. My design have the composition utilize the entire picture plane; however, my picture do not has a directional conflict been established. On the other hand ,there are implied lines in my composition, for example, there are a circle,and this has implied lines. There are at least five different values created by my use of line systems.

In addition, i think i do not have focus point in my composition, and have too many black in my design.

project 2

I use the figure/ground relationships evident in my design. And I think each of the black and white shapes compete as positive and negative space. On the other hand, I think my work the composition contain approximately50% black and 50% white shapes. I have accurately created each half of the design so that they are a perfect mirror image of each other, reversing the positive & negative space. I use the Radial Balance, Symmetric Balance and Asymmetric Balance to creat my picture. Like i drawing on the black paper, then I began the cut. My final design been executed in a professional manner. Because designs should utilize the designated materials with care, effort, and attention to detail.