In my point of view, the design does include a primary focal point. Creat a focal point is very important for our artwork because create a focal point, can grab the audience’s and user’s eyes. We can basic on different color, different shape than other object. There have some rule of third when you design. For example, draw divide on the page in to third so every line thing up so all you do is you third line you make lines. Then, at the decide you page in to thirds so every points at the intersection points where third you make lines and then at the lines crows where you would have points ate the intersection points where a focal point so here and the line cross that’s where you would have. There are elements are used to lead the eye around the entire composition: contrast, isolation, placement, convergence, and the unusual. In addition, the composition successfully utilize repetition of shape and line because the shape include the line. Therefore, when dream a rule of thirds, she should have focal point on a power point. I think I am the successful and unsuccessful aspects of your design is depend on my creat and image. When we have the final design we have to have executed in a professional manner because designs should utilize the designated materials with care, effort, and attention to detail. This includes proper mounting to Bristol Board.



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