final Project

To begin with, In this design, there are line, shape, value and color elements, for example, there is three circle, and every sphere has different shape and color. And in one ring, the people can see there are the the the same color and have a different value like some tone is light and some color is dark .on the other hand, the entire picture plane have some utilized and activated. For example, the triangle in the circle, there is conveyed and concave shape. However, there are not have any unusual negative forms. In this paint, the composition is balanced, and there have asymmetrical. In my options, line and shape can lead people eye around the picture plane. Another point the top of the circle so the primary focal point of the image, but this does not the image adhere to the rule of thirds. Then, I creat painting through the illusion of space through overlapping, scale, value to finish this painting. And in this painting, I user the warm color to create these three circle and use the cold color to make the background, so this painting has an overall warm or cold temperature. The important thing is I have complementary colors used when mixing paint and as a compositional tool.

In addition, My design the concept are earth, plain, sky and sea; happy, free and ardor. For example, the top one of circle is red color, we can image that is sun and that representation happy. follow this circle is green is, that mean is grass and free. the final circle color is orange that mean is ardor. In this paint, i just use the the three color, and and these there color to make another color, secondary color. For example, I use blue and yellow to maker like plain color, green , and red mixing the yellow color is become orange color

Finally, I think my paint have successful side and also unsuccessful aspects. For example I have emphasis, harmony and balance, directional forces, but I have color trouble like some place I mix a little be whit, and I use little bit black color on the paint.



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